Inspired by too many artists to mention I wouldn't say I have a specific style or genre. Most of the time I'll just come up with a melody or drum beat, and record myself in voice notes. If it's still in my head a few hours later I'll record it in the studio and keep tweaking the idea with different sounds until I find the one I like. 

When it comes to remixes, I often choose songs that have a lasting impact on me. My remix of Wicked Game, for example, started after watching the trailer for Series 4 of Peaky Blinders. The amazingly performed cover by London Grammar used for the Birmingham-based show really hit home, and with my good mate Harry Kirton starring as Finn Shelby in the show, it just seemed like the perfect project.


Wanna collab? Just send an email or find me on social media. I'm fluent in Logic Pro, but can speak a number of other DAW's quite well too. Love working with instrumentalists/vocalists and I'm down for going back to back on decks if that's your thing.