Alice In Wonderland Exhibition

In October 2015 I collaborated with students on the Visual Art and Design pathway at Birmingham Ormiston Academy who created this amazing scene purely out of cardboard! I had 3 days to produce a surround soundscape to play on repeat while visitors explored the forest, and this was the result.

My inspiration came mainly from the art itself; with cardboard clocks floating down from the ceiling and an unmissable 9ft paper tree in the corner, a lot of the sounds were already there in my mind. Stemming from the woods theme I added in an owl hoot that panned around the exhibition, and a constant rustle of leaves being blown around by the wind. The arrangement of the strings and harp were written in a 3/4 time signature to help create an eerie yet mystical feel for the viewers/listeners. Another challenge was to make the music somewhat pleasing to the artists themselves who had to stay and listen to the soundscape on repeat a good number of times. With the hope that people would really spend the time to appreciate the work, I wrote a lot of movement into the harp melody, to encourage exploration around the exhibit. 

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