About Me

Hey! My name's Drai and I like to make sounds with my computer.


The story begins in the multicultural melting pot that is Birmingham, UK, where I lived, learned and worked for the first 18 years of my life. It didn't take too long before I developed my love and fascination for what became the career I KNEW I was going to have when I was older; playing video games!  I was one of those kids that loved getting outside to build dens in the woods. I remember making concoctions from all sorts of horrible things to leave in a jar for months at the end of the garden... But, when I came in and had dinner, on went the Nintendo 64 and within minutes I'd be flying past Wizpig or making my way around Bob-Omb Battlefield. To this day I can still remember the soundtrack for every level on Diddy Kong Racing, Super Mario 64 and many more.


My passion for music has always been there, my Dad sung and wrote his own songs from before I was born and had me feature in a few as a kid. It was a while though before music took the place of wanting to be a games designer. I used to sit on my dad's computer writing drum patterns on Fruity Loops before I even hit double digits but didn't take what I was doing seriously until half way through secondary school.

Polariod Me Gaming Edit.JPG

By 2013 (age 15) I'd hired a recording studio and tracked two of my mates singing lyrics I wrote over a song I produced, and it became my first YouTube upload. I passed most of my GCSE's and got accepted into Birmingham Ormiston Academy, a performing arts college. I have so so many amazing memories from that time. I held down college (ish) as well as working two jobs, learning to drive, working on SRML (more on that later) and uploading more music. I changed a lot as a person, learnt a lot about life, and the people around me really helped guide me to become who I am today.

I took up DJing at the age of 17 having listened to countless DJ sets on my mom's cassette tapes. Her partner was always practising his sets, mixing vinyl in the spare room. He's performed at some major Hardcore and DnB nights over the years and taught me the basics of Reason 4, which is how Subclusion came about. My first "DJ Deck" however was the DJ Hero PS3 Edition Turntable. A classic!

my effort into DJing and started hosting my own flat parties which became very popular very quickly. (By then I'd already had a bit of experience being a mobile DJ as I got the chance to play at a weekly student night in Stourbridge before I moved up to Huddersfield, which I called 'Last Squeeze of Summer'.) We fit 150+ students into one of the tiny flats, with the kitchen as the 'main room' and one guys bedroom being used as a bar! I remember one of my mates coming up to me saying there's a queue out the flat and down the stairs to get in. 


As you can probably imagine my student accommodation site managers (literally) heard what was going on, and decided to hire me for their events! Weddings, Kids and Adults Birthday Parties, Corporate Events and Awards Ceremonies to name just a few. I've also worked with organisations such as NCS, The Car Buying Group, O2 and PC Specialists, and while still living there as a student hosted a number of my own student nights including The Venue Bass Takeover and Twisted Tuesday.


Somehow I got into Huddersfield University to study Popular Music Production (BA) and loved every second of my first year there. I made some great friends and enjoyed every aspect of the course too (apart from the outdated obligatory 'media skills' lectures which consisted of Mr Monotone waffling on about building our own websites... Like I'd ever need to know how to do that..!) Annoyingly my inability to focus on written work or anything that isn't hands-on finally became too much and I realised Uni wasn't working for me. So I put

September 2018 saw the birth of my amazing little boy Hudson, the most adorable human on the planet hands down. And in the same month, I launched my events business '1st Class', which kick-started with a huge UV Freshers Party! 


Since then I've worked on a number of projects for a range of businesses. From website design and social media management, to podcast production and audio & visual content creation. After a crazy year of coronavirus and the birth of my fantastic little lady Cora, I decided to turn this passion into a business; DRAI MEDIA.

The story continues...